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Inks & Coatings
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A general all-purpose base coating designed to cover the majority of substrates used for digital printing. Specifically designed for HP applications where an adhesion enhancer is required.
Supplied as a mix and blend for your own specific requirements.
•This product is based on aminoethylene, which is admissible with water for use on suitable products, e.g. Synthetics, Foils, Hi Gloss Papers, Metal Sheets and Standard Papers.
• Recommended for, Problematical Substrates or low dyne Synthetics.
• Not recommended for surfaces that are greasy; also, some Metal Dec and Foils that are not treated; i.e. have low dyne level
• Suggested lay-down is 1 gm/m2; key to good coating is no pin holes
• Treated substrate will have satin like finish
• Surface tension of substrate to be coated should be 36-38 dynes minimum
• Due to low film weight, product has a rapid drying rate
• Viscosity is 18 seconds to 22 seconds Zhan 2 Cup
• Product has clear appearance; and, in pure form, contains up to 7/9% solids dependant viscosity.
• Shake/stir well prior to use; store 15-28 degrees centigrade/60-82 degrees Fah; avoid frost and sub zero temperatures.
• Coverage for 1kg should cover 17,000 sq.ft of material.
• Comes in clear heavy duty container with air tight cap; avoid storage in metal containers
• No known problems with treated stock shelf life, thus can treat whole roll and store unused portion for future use
• Dependent upon the application, running speeds of up to 150 m/min (495 ft/min) or higher
• Drying time can be decreased by increasing volume of hot air; adding heaters; or, increasing amount of the ratio of water to coating.
• Disposal as with any Waterbased Ink subject to local environment laws.
• Suggested anilox is 350 line, 60degrees angle, 4.6 BCM, finished ceramic, dependent upon the amount of hot air available for drying, it may be necessary to use 600 line, 2.2 BCM
• PH level is balanced and can vary with the hardness of water, amounts of calcium, etc. • Clean up with warm water with 10% IPA added; if problem soak over night in warm soapy water; if still problem, use a good water based ink cleaner; for extreme cases use isopropyl or paint stripper
• Sticking can occur due to either ineffective drying facilities and/or too heavy a film weight. To overcome sticking either increase water to coating ratio for a lower film weight or increase amount of hot air blowing over the substrate
• For poor ink adhesion
Corona treat to ensure surface tension is not below 38 dynes Ensure substrate is clean Ink adhesion may be impacted by Anti static/Aging prevention agents and Plasticizers
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