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Kodak Rigilon Molding Plates

Kodak Rigilon Molding Plates

Environmentally-Friendly Molding Plates
Water-soluble Kodak Rigilon Molding Plates can be used to replace traditional zinc or magnesium molds in the production of rubber stamps and plates, as well as the heavy metal dies used in embossing applications. Rigilon Plates create sharp and clear images and work just like metal embossing dies and molds, but at significantly less cost and with a quicker turnaround time.

These environmentally-friendly photopolymer plates guarantee fast and simple processing without aggressive chemical etchants. Exceptional heat resistance ensures ease of application for molding, embossing and pad printing applications.

Available with a range of plate thicknesses, Rigilon Plates are specifically formulated for high-quality molding and embossing applications requiring deep reliefs and fine details.

Key Features Include:
                            • Fast, water-soluble processing.
                            • Exceptional heat resistance.
                            • Consistent results between plates and throughout the run.
                            • Excellent durability.
Cost-Effective Alternative for Stamping
Water-soluble Kodak Rigilon TFPP Plates are a cost-effective alternative to traditional metal plates for manual or automatic hot foil stamping. With quick and simple processing, TFPP Plates are a great fit for fast turnaround jobs. Key features include:
• Superior heat resistance to 180°C (356°F) and high thermal conductivity.
• Excellent durability, with a hardness equivalent to metal plates.
• Quick and easy to process; water wash in existing plate processors; no additives or venting required.
• Lower cost than metal plates.
• High-quality line work and text reproduction.

Precise, Repeatable Performance

Rigilon Plates are formulated with PVA and are completely water-soluble without heavy brush pressure. As a result, fine detail on the design is preserved, and the ability to reproduce fine lines and reverses is significantly improved.

Exceptional Durability
Rigilon Plates’ signature hard resistive formulation helps to minimize dot gain, resulting in finer detail and higher-quality image reproduction.

Simple, Clean Plate Processing
Boost plate throughput with a clean-working, environmentally-friendly process that helps minimize plate processor buildup—and downtime spent cleaning the processor. In addition, these water-washable plates rinse out with tap water, reducing your chemical footprint and the cost, handling and odors associated with plate processing chemistry. Rigilon Plates are processed in less than 40 minutes, making it easy to tackle quick turnaround jobs and last-minute deadline changes.

Tailored Solutions
With a range of standard and custom sizes and thicknesses, Rigilon Plates offer a tailored solution for molding, embossing applications—without expensive surcharges for custom orders.
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