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High Intensity Discharge Projector lamps are also known in the industry as HID lamps. They produce light from a relatively small intense electrical discharge. Whereas, fluorescent lamps produce a light from a larger discharge.

Projector lamps are further classified into the group "Mercury Halide Lamps", All metal halide lamps distribute three primary colors so they produce white light that can be as good as natural daylight in terms of color performance.

Halides are used because the actual metals usually have too low a vapor pressure to participate in the discharge. Halides are vaporized much more readily and since they are much less reactive, thereby reducing corrosion.

Halogen lamps, also known as tungsten halogens, quartz-halogens or quartz iodine lamps, are incandescent lamps consisting of a tungsten filament sealed into a compact transparent envelope. They produce light with higher luminous efficacy and color temperature. The small size halogen lamps permit their use in compact optical systems for projectors and illumination.

Xenon Arc Lamps are highly specialized type of gas discharge lamps. It produces a bright white light that closely mimics natural sunlight, with applications in movie projectors in theaters, in searchlights, and for specialized uses in industry and research to simulate sunlight, often for product testing.
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