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Kodak Miraclon Letterpress Plates

Kodak Miraclon Letterpress Plates

Efficient, Productive, Durable

Kodak Miraclon Letterpress Plates deliver outstanding productivity and quality, driving efficiency in prepress and on press. These water-soluble photopolymer plates handle easily, and can be imaged, dried and processed in under 30 minutes. Available in a variety of sizes to fit a wide range of print cylinders, Miraclon Letterpress Plates enable fast registration and deliver exceptionally long press life.

Excellent Printing Results

Market-proven Miraclon Letterpress Plates deliver print results that will meet and exceed client expectations. The superior ink transfer of this hard durometer PVA plate enables good image reproduction and solid ink coverage.

Clean-Working Operation

Boost plate throughput with a clean-working process that helps optimize prepress productivity. Miraclon Letterpress Plates minimize plate processor buildup, which means less downtime spent cleaning the processor. In addition, these water-soluble plates rinse out with tap water, reducing your chemical footprint and the cost and handling associated with plate processing chemistry.

The Right Choice

Miraclon Letterpress Plates offer a winning combination: ease of use and convenience, a wide range of sizes, clean processing, outstanding print quality and exceptional durability. Find out what printers around the world already know—that Miraclon Letterpress Plates are the right choice for dry offset, letterpress and UV flexo printing.


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